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300mm Impulse Heat Sealer

300mm Impulse Heat Sealer

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300mm Impulse Heat Sealer

Good quality all-metal 12" /300mm sealing length and 8mm wide sealing Heat Sealer Machine Heat Sealing hand Impulse Sealer

This 12" impulse sealer is suitable for many kinds of packaging needs. It is able to produce adequate heat with 8 timer settings so as to effectively melt the opening of the bag.

Besides, it has a long handle which is labor-saving and is easily operated. It is perfect for sealing plastics bags, polythene wrapping, bubble wrap, etc.


12" long sealing element deals with bags with an opening of 12 inches (maximum).
It has 8 timer settings to suit most plastic bags, which can be adjusted according to the thickness of the bag.

The circuit will control the heat time automatically, which is indicated by the indicator light.
No power is going to be consumed when it is not in operation, so the AC power cable doesn't necessarily have to be unplugged.
Labor-saving design with a long handle.
Suitable for sealing plastics bags, polythene wrapping, bubble wrap, etc.

Material: ABS
Impulse Power: 400W
Power Supply: 220V~240V 50~60Hz
Sealing Length: 30cm / 20inch
Item Size: 42.2 * 8 * 13.6cm / 16.61 * 3.15 * 5.35in (L * W * H)
Item Weight: 1413g / 3.12Lb
Package Size: 44.5 * 17.5 * 10cm / 17.52 * 6.89 * 3.94in (L * W * H)
Package Weight: 1973g / 4.35Lb

1 x Impulse sealer
1 x Extra sealing element
1 x Extra Teflon sheet
1 x User manual(English)

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